Sustainable Ethics & Practice

Sustainable Ethics & Practice

We are constantly looking for new, smarter ways of working and are conscious of our ever-changing environment. At Humphreys we are focussed on ensuring your landscape connects you to your garden and that it reaches its full potential.

In order to do this, it requires knowledge and planning. Our team are highly skilled professionals who are aware and are actively developing responsive, healthy and re-generative gardens. These environments are crucial in their benefits to our communities, families and workplaces. We select plants that are suitable for their landscape and location, that last and engage people. On top of this, we use efficient irrigation systems to avoid water waste and to properly care for our green spaces.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Programmes have recently been implemented at Humphreys to effectively and sustainably treat and prevent pest and disease issues. This practice requires specialist knowledge of the life cycles and habits of pests, how they reproduce, spread and cause damage. We look at properties as an eco-system and develop site specific and appropriate programmes depending on the issues at hand to increase bio diversity.

Composting is one of the services offered at Humphreys. We are big believers in utilising food and green waste and putting them back into productive use in order to transition towards a circular economy.

Many plants come potted in plastic pots. We have connected with various local nurseries to ensure these pots are reused again and again to extend their life.

At Humphreys we are committed to moving toward more sustainable landscape design.