About Us

A reputation is
a precious thing



Over our 30 years we've established ourselves as the exceptional landscapers of refinement. That's a reputation that means a lot because it goes deeper than the gardens we are known for creating. It is just as much about how our clients feel.

So every day, whatever the season, whatever the weather, whatever our role within Humphreys, our daily mission is to live up to that reputation. We are only as good as the last small experience our clients had with one of us.

A beautiful garden for all

No space is too small for a beautiful garden and no project is too ambitious for our team. Whether your home is in the city or the country, whether you are a homeowner, have a portfolio of properties, or are an architect, we can work with you to bring the Humphreys touch of elegance to your world.


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Behind the beauty

What lies behind our beautiful gardens is a set of skills that are not easily come by. Plant knowledge, soil and disease expertise, earthworks and construction know-how and experience, and council compliance processes, are just part of what we do to create the lushness and beauty our clients enjoy every day.


Your pleasure

As registered Master Landscapers you have the added assurance of our skills and knowledge, but you will probably notice it most when your garden manager picks up on the little details without you having to ask. However, you can be sure we always consult with you before actioning. It’s our pleasure to make everything about your garden your pleasure.