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Design And Build Humphreys Landscaping

Design & Build

Creating your own garden to your own vision, tastes and needs is one of the most satisfying of life’s achievements. It may include swimming and spa pools, retaining walls and stonework, paving and decks, fences, gates and irrigation.



Here's how we work with you to create your dream:


Meet and plan

Meet your Landscape Consultant. They will assess your site, discuss your ideas and budget & take care of your project from start to finish.



One of our landscape Architects creates concept plans in 3D imaging that show the planting and construction vision.


The pre-build

Meet your Site Supervisor. The quote and timeline is confirmed and council compliance is taken care of.



Your landscaping team keeps to budget and timeline and your Landscape Consultant keeps you informed every step of the way.



Council sign off and your handover, complete with detailed plant and operational information.

Maitainence Humphreys Landscaping Services


Whether you have an established garden or have just completed your design & build, maintaining your asset is paramount to your ongoing pleasure. We make sure your garden stays healthy and beautiful as it grows, changes and matures.



Here's how we handle it for you:


Meet your Manager

They are the leader of your ongoing maintenance team, who will always be there on time.


What we cover

Let them take care of whatever you want to delegate.

They cover pest and disease control, weed control, pruning, new planting where needed, fertilizing, mulching, irrigation, sweeping and litter clearance, gutter and drain cleaning, and water blasting.

Lawncare Humphreys Landscaping Services


A beautiful lawn is a blend of science and nature combined. Our cost effective lawncare program covers all seasons to keep your grass in prime condition and appearance. It includes lawn establishment and renovation, lawn mowing, fertilising, broad leaf weed control, insect and disease treatment, moss, black slime and Poa Annua control, application of wetting agents and aeration (dethatching).

Irrigation Humphreys Landscaping Services


The wrong irrigation can be the ruination of a beautiful garden. Our irrigation team can design, install and maintain your irrigation system to suit your garden’s unique needs and we also ensure water usage is at its utmost efficiency.

Trees & Hedges

Trees & Hedges

These icons of the garden deserve professional attention. We have the sophisticated tree care tools needed to safely carry out hedge and tree trimming, pruning, remove, reduce crowns, stump grind and mulch vegetation material. We can offer both tree assessments and tree surgery.

Lighting Humphreys Landscaping Services


Lighting is a gardens ability to hold and uncover an enchanting surprise. We create lighting designs using a wide range of quality outdoor fittings that have proven to endure in our local conditions.

All our lighting systems are professionally installed by qualified, carefully selected electricians. We also offer a maintenance service so that your system is always working, bulbs are replaced and fittings adjusted.

Swimming Pools And Spas Humphreys Landscaping Services

Swimming & Spa Pools

Whether you have an existing pool that needs renovating or are looking to put in a new pool or spa, we make sure this design feature fits seamlessly into your overall garden design.

Garden Accessories

Garden Accessories

We have access to a hand-picked selection of beautiful garden accessories that we can guarantee will age as elegantly as they function.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Humphreys do small scale design and maintenance jobs?

The short answer is yes. We have the ability and expertise to work with gardens that are smaller right through to the larger jobs. No job is too small for our teams.

My garden is small, do I need a design?

The benefits of having a garden design are endless. They allow you to visualise the end result and work with our landscape designer to create something you will love as well as ensuring an accurate quote and timeline.

It helps to have in place a framework whereby both you the client and your Humphreys professional are on the same page throughout the entire process. Less ‘interpretation’, more ‘understanding’.

The best option is to give us a call to discuss your needs and if required we can pop to site to check it out and make our best recommendations. We offer services from Design and Build right through to Maintenance.

What time of year is best to start my landscaping project?

Landscaping projects can be undertaken anytime throughout the year providing you have irrigation. We have relationships with quality suppliers who can provide plants throughout the year.

Do I need consent? Who deals with council permits?

We have landscape consultants who will process the required documentation and have a wealth of experience in dealing with the council for permits and consent.

What is the difference between soft and hard landscaping?

Hard landscaping often forms the framework for the softer, living elements of your garden. For example the hard landscaping could include retaining walls, raised garden beds, stone walls or anything made of a hard material in your landscape. The soft landscaping refers to the living aspects for example plants, lawn, mulch etc. These are both essential elements and require careful consideration.

How will the process work?

Our process has been refined with experience and you can read about it here. Give us a call to discuss your unique project and our Landscape Consultant can run you through the best way to get your desired garden.

Does Humphreys just do garden maintenance or can you build as well?

Humphreys Landscaping are a team of professionals including landscape architects, builders and gardeners that are able to manage the project right the way through. From consultation and design through to pre-build, construction, post-build and maintenance.

What if I just want Humphreys to do the design or build phase?

We are specialists at project managing entire projects however we are also available to look after just part of the job if required.

Are we able to take a phase-based approach to a larger scale project?

Absolutely. An incremental approach is something we have done often. How we implement your project depends on your needs, constraints, time and finances. Talk to us about what we can do to assist with this.

Why should I go with Humphreys?

Humphreys have more than 30 years of experience. Our team are carefully selected and we all share a common mission for elegance and refinement in everything we do. We can offer assistance across a wide range of landscaping services. We’re professional, timely and friendly. We are proud of our gardens, our team and our testimonials attest to this.