Pre-Summer irrigation campaign

Pre-Summer irrigation campaign

The Irrigation team at Humphreys is carrying out our pre-Summer campaign, aiming to make sure your system and gardens are ready for the drier months. From past season’s experiences we know that the gardens are healthier, more lush and easier to maintain after your irrigation system has been installed or serviced.

We can take care of your irrigation requirements from design, installation to on-going servicing and maintenance – ensuring your system is working optimally.

Our trained staff insure that your irrigation system is designed to suit your gardens specific requirements and that the most efficient use of water is always achieved.

What to expect from your technician:

  • Clean, check and service existing irrigation systems
  • Run through all zones
  • Check for performance and leaks
  • Replacing controller batteries
  • Inspect, set, and modify run times for the summer

In most cases we anticipate any of these services to take only an hour at a cost of $165 (exclusive of GST). If any significant damage is discovered needing repair or any expensive component requiring replacement we will let you know before any further work is done.

Email or ph. 09 815 4250 to book your service.